The topic of the master’s thesis in economics – Chinese economic success

The subject of the master’s thesis on economics, which is very interesting, is certainly Chinese economic success. China is a fascinating example of the dynamic development of capitalism, without a democratic political system. It can be said that the lack of democracy even helps in rapid economic development.

Finding the answer to the question “why China has become the world’s leading economic power” can be a fascinating motif of a master’s thesis in economics. Many experts say that Chinese economic success is the most important phenomenon in the economy of the last 200 years.

In my master’s thesis, one should start with economic indicators from before economic reforms. At that time, China was many times poorer …. from UK! Then, what reforms have been introduced should be presented. It should be pointed out how the reforms introduced by the Chinese parties have caused hundreds of millions of people to gradually come out of extreme poverty. In the final part of the work, it is necessary to show the present state. In this part you also need to conclude reforms planned by the Chinese government and how they will affect the economy.

In the final part of this Master’s thesis in economics, you have to present what caused China’s huge success. For sure, China has helped long-term planning, practiced by the Chinese authorities. In contrast to democracy, Chinese authorities do not change every 5 years. The economic policy of the government does not change every 5 years, as it is in Europe, for example. Chinese politicians do not have to take into account the opinion of voters.

China’s economic reforms were strongly pro-capitalist. First, the Chinese authorities introduced low taxes and very small regulations regarding the economy. This meant that even a gray citizen without great capital could try his chance as a small entrepreneur. Private companies pay taxes, but from a certain level. Up to a certain level, you can do business without any registration or accounting. This is the absolute opposite of the high fixed costs, high taxes and strict regulation that can be seen in our country. The effect of wise economic policy of the Chinese authorities is their dynamic economic growth. While China is growing at a rate of 7-12% per year, UK is growing at a rate of 3% per year. According to many analysts, China is already the largest economy in the world.

China is currently in possession of the largest foreign exchange reserves in the world. It is estimated that these reserves amount to $ 3.33 trillion. These are the largest reserves of this kind, despite the fact that the Chinese state has spent a lot of money on maintaining the yuan exchange rate.

The subject of the master’s thesis on economics, which fascinates – China.

China is certainly an interesting topic in economics. It requires a proper analytical workshop. In this work you will need to rely on publicly available data. This is a topic for people who are interested in the economics of not given companies but entire countries. China is a fascinating example of how “bloodthirsty capitalism” created from the country in which hunger prevailed – the world’s leading economic power. At the end of such a master’s thesis, it is possible to conclude what Europe could copy from China in order to be able to improve the state of its economy.